About us

Welcome to Put simply, we are a searchable directory of international clinics, hospitals, dentists, and medical treatment providers.

As of May 2009 we had over 1,200 clinics and hospitals in over 80 countries across 6 continents (we don't cover Antarctica - it tends to be pretty chilly there) and this represents the most varied and searchable medical tourism database on the web.

In essence, we've spent our time researching so you don't have to, which means you have a world of healthcare choice at your finger tips and you're only a couple of clicks away from knowing who and where could sort out those troublesome knobbly knees, that missing tooth, or that expanding waistline...

While we're at it, it's also worth mentioning what we don't do. doesn't tell you why you've got a toothache, or advises you on what surgery you need to fix that tennis elbow. We also don't speak to the clinic on your behalf, organise or book your treatment.

We're not here to replace the link between you and your doctor, clinic or treatment provider. We just make sure you have all the information and opportunity to make an informed choice about your international healthcare options.

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