Addiction treatments

Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment clinics abroad offer patients solutions to manage a recurring, compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming behaviour, which can be harmful in nature. Generally this need comes with little or no regard for one's own health and well-being and that of those around them. Substances such as alcohol and narcotics are generally at the centre of many addictive behaviours, but addiction is also extended to cigarettes, sexual behaviours, shopping and any number of compulsive behaviours.

Addiction is generally treated with a combination of behavioural therapy and sometimes medications. Addicts will generally experience severe withdrawal symptoms when the behaviour/substance they are addicted to is abruptly stopped. In most cases, an addict will need professional treatment of a medical and psychological nature to truly recover.

Common addiction treatment procedures

Addiction treatments include all manners of drug, alcohol and behaviour addiction therapies and rehabilitation. This ranges from the initial addiction assessment, to determine the level of addiction, through to the use of behaviour modification therapies such as cognitive-affect therapy. Most addiction treatment facilities generally offer a variety of counselling styles such as bridge, directive and non-directive, as well as the use of adjuvant therapy and drugs such as clonidine to assist with symptoms of withdrawal.


Addiction treatment clinics are in operation within most medial tourism destinations. For a full list of available locations please see the search box to the right of this page.

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