Argentina is located in South America and has a population of 40.3 million people. This country is the second largest in South America and is nestled between the Andes mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean. By far the largest city in Argentina is Buenos Aires, with a population of over 12.7 million and with its largely European influence, is ranked as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America. Argentina is considered a land of extremes and as a result offers an incredible assortment of landscapes, from its hectic urban centres to the remote hinterlands. Argentina offers convenience for medical tourists from North America, and has been concreting its status as a quality healthcare provider since 2002. The official language of Argentina is Spanish, although people in tourist areas will often speak fluent English.

Medical tourism

Argentina is a popular destination for medical tourists with a growing number of Cosmetic, Dental, Hair transplant and Obesity treatment healthcare providers. It is also home to a number of Cardiology and Eye procedure providers. See the box to the right to view a full list of available treatment areas.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit Argentina's cities is in the spring (September through to November) or fall/autumn (March through to May) as temperatures are a little cooler than the hot and humid summer (December through to February). The most expensive times to travel are the Argentine vacation months of January, February and July.

Money and costs

The Argentine unit of currency is the peso (AR, symbol AR$) which can generally be great value for travellers. Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool. Mid-range travellers can usually get by on AR$180 staying in a comfortable hotel and eating at relatively decent restaurants (keep in mind that cities like Buenos Aires will be slightly more expensive than regional areas).


Visitors from the USA , UK, Australia, Canada and many European nations do not require a visa for up to three months stay, with unlimited entries in some cases. For those visitors whose trip takes longer than this three-month period, you can apply for a 90-day extension, or cross into a neighbouring country for a day or two before your visa expires and then return with a new 90-day visa.

Getting there

Argentina has connecting flights from all South American countries, as well as direct flights between many other countries including North America, the UK, continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. Argentina is served by a number of well-known airlines such as Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, Air France and Qantas, as well as some lesser-known and sometimes cheaper carriers.

Dialling codes

To call Argentina, the country dialling code is +54.

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