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Bolivia is located in the heart of South America and has a population of 9.5 million people. Bolivia is a step back into authentic South American culture, for despite the presence of upscale hotels and restaurants, the locals have not lost a hint of their charm with a number of native dialects, medicine, music and clothing. Bolivia has a rugged landscape with mountains and sweeping landscapes to explore and enjoy. There are direct flights to Bolivia from Miami, Buenos Aires and San Paulo. The official language of Bolivia is Spanish, although there are also indigenous dialects. Business people in commercial centres sometimes speak English.

Medical tourism

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Best time to travel

The country has a temperate climate which can often get cold at night, particularly in the mountain areas. The wettest time to visit is between November and March.

Money and costs

The national currency is the Boliviano (BOB, symbol Bs). Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool.


Tourists travelling from Canada, UK, much of the EU and Australia do not require a visa for stays of up to 30 days (these can usually be extended for up to 90 days). Those travelling from the USA do require a tourist visa.

Getting there

Those travelling from outside of the Americas will have to catch a connecting flight at one these airports. Bolivia has two main airports, El Alto International located in La Paz and Viru Viru International located in Santa Cruz.

Dialling codes

To call Bolivia, the country dialling code is +591.

Useful links

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