Cancer treatments

Cancer Treatment

Treatment for cancer abroad can help patients to identify specialist diagnosis and care centres overseas. Cancer is the term given to the group of diseases affecting tissue cells. The cells in one's body are constantly growing, dividing and replacing themselves, and many genes produce a protein that helps control the process of cell growth and division. An alteration in the DNA molecules can disrupt this process and produce faulty protein. These cell abnormalities cause uncontrolled cell growth (often forming a tumour), the intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissue, and sometimes spreading to other locations in the body via the lymphatic or blood system.

Cancer can involve any part of the body, and comes in many different forms. The type of cancer an individual has is generally named after the point of origin of the disease. Diagnosis of cancer generally requires a histologic examination of a tissue biopsy specimen and comes with a range of different symptoms and impacts on one's life.

Common cancer treatment procedures

Cancer treatment encompasses all procedures from the original diagnostics through to disease management. The treatment of cancer, also referred to as oncology, includes a wide range of different options depending on the type and nature of the individual cancer. Treatments come in the form of surgery for treating both the cancer and its symptoms, and include:

  • radiation therapy
  • chemotherapy
  • targeted therapies (monoclonal antibody and photodynamic therapy)
  • bone marrow transplants
  • hormone therapy
  • angiogenesis inhibitors
  • cancer symptom control
  • medication
  • pain management techniques
  • alternative medicine

This includes medication, pain management techniques and alternative medicine. There are also clinical trials happening around the world in an effort to develop new treatments.


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