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Cyprus is a small European island located in the eastern Mediterranean off the shores of Syria, Turkey and Lebanon with a population of 855,000. Cyprus is an island of legends that basks year-round in the light of the warm Mediterranean sun. An interesting past spanning 10,000 years has seen civilizations come and go and the likes of everyone from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here - but then, people do tend to get possessive when faced with such beauty. Aphrodite made her home on Cyprus, and travellers throughout antiquity came here just to pay her tribute.

Today Cyprus is a modern country that effortlessly marries European culture with ancient enchantment. Here you will discover a compact world of alluring beaches and fragrant mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees and ancient ruins that stir the imagination, plus citrus groves and old stone-built villages where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local café. Cyprus is a carefree place where a sense of timelessness is magnified by the kindness of the people.

Why Cyprus if you're thinking of combining medical tests or a medical procedure with a holiday?

  • Cyprus is the southernmost island in the Mediterranean - hot in the summer months and delightfully mild during the UK's winter months; it offers a comfortable environment year-round
  • There's very little pollution - the Cypriot shores are blessed with very clean water in which to bathe and the air quality is extremely good
  • Many Cypriots speak English - a legacy of years of British rule
  • In Cyprus, you drive on the left, as in the UK
  • It's a safe, easily-accessible destination, served by both scheduled and charter airlines from all over the UK, so you can travel from an airport near to home
  • There are endless possibilities for activities during your holiday, from gentle walks or golf to cycling, swimming, visiting ancient monasteries or mountain villages, and from cultural options to a wide range of adventure trips. Any family or friends accompanying you on holiday will find plenty to do - there's something to suit all tastes - and there are many relaxing options for those recuperating post-surgery, too
  • The food is excellent, with plenty of fresh fruit and fish plus superb home-cooked Mediterranean dishes - both healthy and tasty

Medical tourism

The Past few years have seen Cyprus gain prominence for its excellent Healthcare system that offers value for money and quality medical treatment for patients from all over the world. Over the last few years, Cyprus healthcare system has improved tremendously and currently is something that both the administration and the practitioners can be justifiably proud of. European and other patients stand to benefit much from the vast quality treatments that Cyprus offers. Great contributor has been the strong Cyprus economy with a rate of growth in excess of 3%, which has helped modern hospitals and well-trained health care professionals to spring up, giving Cyprus everything needed to be seen as an up-and-coming destination for healthcare tourism. Today there are six public hospitals and more than eighty private hospitals and clinics summing about 2500 beds and 2250 doctors and about 720 dentists.

Cosmetic surgery and dental treatment are generally the procedures of choice for most medical tourists visiting Cyprus. There are also a number of orthopedic, eye and cardiology providers. See the search box to the right to view a full list of available treatment areas.

Currently, the Cyprus Government is giving a lot of emphasis in promoting Cyprus as a healthcare destination with a current annual expenditure on health over 700 million Euros representing 6% of Gross National Product. The Cyprus health industry bears an excellent reputation of the essential post operative care after any kind of surgery where the Mediterranean climate, with its dry summers and mild winters, is ideal for recuperating both for the patient but also for people accompanying them.

High-quality Medical Services available in Cyprus

  • Excellent medical infrastructure
  • Well-equipped, technologically-sophisticated hospitals and clinics
  • Highly-qualified specialist consultants, doctors, nurses, and technical staff
  • Speedy consultation, test results and treatment - no waiting lists
  • Familiarity with the UK medical system - many Cyprus-based consultants and doctors have been trained in the UK or in other English-speaking countries
  • Very high standards of hygiene
  • Consultants, doctors and nursing staff all speak English fluently

Best time to travel

Cyprus is blessed with the warm Mediterranean climate, which means it is pleasant all year round. June through to September (summer) are the busiest as tourists and locals alike enjoy the hot weather. August in particular is quite busy as school holidays are underway on the island. Accommodation prices can go up quite dramatically during these busy times. While the temperature does not drop too drastically in winter for most of the island, the higher elevation areas in the mountains can get some snow.

Money and costs

Cyprus's currency is different in the north of the island than it is in the south. Northern Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira (YTL), while South Cyprus (called 'The Republic') uses the Euro (EUR). Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool. Cyprus can be generally inexpensive when compared to most of Western Europe. The North is said to be better value when it comes to dining out.


Formal visas are not required for entry into Cyprus for the majority of nationalities, including those from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Tourist entry is permitted for up to 90 days, after which you will need to apply for a residence permit by contacting the civil registration and migration department.

Getting there

You can get a flight to Cyprus from most European cities, as well as those in the Middle East. The two airports that serve The Republic are Larnaka (also referred to as Larnaca) and Pafos (also referred to as Paphos). In North Cyprus the airport is Ercan Airport, near North Nicosia. No international flights operate directly out of North Cyprus; visitors must first land in Turkey and then on to their final destination. Flights can be heavily booked for both North and South during the peak season. While several airlines fly to/from The Republic, such as Cyprus Airways, Aegean Airlines, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, while North Cyprus is largely served by Turkish Airlines.

Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board

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Dialling codes

To call Cyprus, the country dialling code is +357.

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