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Ear, nose and throat surgery abroad can help patients locate specialist centres overseas. Ear, nose and throat medicine, also called otorhinolarygology, or more commonly ENT, covers a wide range of medical issues stemming from these three interconnected systems. ENT doctors deal with a variety of cases, including:

  • allergies
  • sinuses
  • laryngitis
  • hay fever
  • vertigo
  • breathing problems
  • glandular fever
  • nosebleeds polyps
  • thyroid disorders
  • hearing losses

ENT surgeries may be for medical or sometimes cosmetic purposes.

Common ear, nose and throat procedures

Ear surgery is usually performed to combat the causes of hearing loss such as inserting grommets, repairing a perforated eardrum, and administering drugs for vertigo are among the major ear treatment areas. Others treat blocked, punctured, bleeding or irritated ears.

Nose surgery comprises a number of procedures to treat sinuses and correct breathing problems.

Head or neck surgery can refer to removing tumours or reconstructing the affected area following a traumatic injury. Throat surgery may be as complicated as removing a cancer or as simple as a tonsillectomy.


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