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GP services abroad can help to identify specialist treatment centres overseas. A GP, or general practitioner, provides primary care and family medicine for all ages and genders. They are the doctors that provide the most long-term and continuing medical care and are often the first stepping-stone in determining something is wrong. GPs are trained to treat people with several health complaints at one time and know how to tailor medical care for patients with chronic, or longstanding, illnesses. Focusing mainly on preventative care and health education, GPs work alongside nurses and provide consultation if the need for specialisation arises.

Common gp services procedures

GPs are trained to provide care for illnesses that plague patients at all stages of life, such as:

  • earaches
  • diarrhea
  • fevers
  • diabetes
  • heart disease

For seniors, common GP services deal with osteoporosis, arthritis and memory loss. GPs will provide families with pregnancy and childbirth guidance, and women’s care will be aimed at menopause and vaginal infections.


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