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Guatemala is located in Central America and has a population of 13 million people. Guatemala has a wondrous array of volcanic peaks, forests and wildlife. The locals are rich with indigenous culture and friendly. The official language of Guatemala is Spanish, as well as a large number of indigenous languages.

Medical tourism

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Best time to travel

The climate of Guatemala varies depending on the altitude, with coastal regions and the northeast being quite hot all year round.

Money and costs

The currency of Guatemala is the Quetzal (GTQ, symbol Q). Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool.


Tourists from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and the rest of the EU do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

Getting there

Guatemala City is the main gateway into Guatemala, with a lesser number of flights flying to/from Flores.

Dialling codes

To call Guatemala, the country dialling code is +502.

Useful links

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