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Hearing impairment Treatment

Hearing loss and impairment treatment abroad can help with locating specialist centres overseas. The hearing treatment category envelops diagnosis and treatment of ears and hearing impairments and loss. Hearing loss is a reference to any reduction in a person's ability to detect sound; this loss can be conductive (due to faulty transmission of sound waves) or sensorineural (faulty sound reception by nerve cells), or both.

Conductive hearing loss is commonly caused by such things as wax blocking the ear, perforated eardrum or fluid in the ears. Conductive hearing loss can almost always be restored to some degree, if not completely. Sensory hearing loss on the other hand generally represents a more serious problem and often cannot be cured, but can be assisted by such things as hearing aids. The primary cause of sensory hearing loss is exposure to loud noise, and also as part of the aging process.

Common hearing impairment treatment procedures

Common surgeries and treatments to deal with hearing loss include:

  • ear drainage
  • otologic surgery (ear microsurgery)
  • laser ear surgery
  • skin grafts
  • stapedectomy (removal of bone in the middle ear)
  • cochlear implants (devices that stimulate nerve ends)
  • tympanoplasty (reconstruction of ear drum)
  • translabyrinthine (removal of tumours etc.)
  • stapes surgery (replacement of bone with implant)
  • hearing aids (fitted and checked)


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