Medical tourism news - August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

USA: Domestic medical tourism providing healthy competition

Many employers are now adding a medical tourism feature to their health care plans. This means employers provide financial incentives, such as waiving copayments and offering travel allowances to employees who are willing to travel within the United States, to undergo procedures at hospitals far from their homes where intermediaries have negotiated lower rates. This of course is creating greater levels of competition between hospitals seeking such contracts, and in turn may help to curve the skyrocketing costs of domestic medical care. See full article for further information.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Twenty Most Beautiful U.S. Hospitals Named by Soliant Health

The twenty most beautiful hospitals in America have been named by Soliant Health, a provider of healthcare staffing services. The list was selected based on architectural design, landscaping, photogenic traits and uniqueness. At the top of the list was Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, followed by Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center in Los Angeles, California. "We were inspired to create this list by recent data that found «happy hospitals make happy patients»," President of Soliant Health David Alexander said in a press release. "As a provider of healthcare professionals for hospitals, we recognize that staff morale and attention to patients' needs are critical to patients' happiness, but the survey also showed that another factor in satisfaction was how the hospital actually looked." To see the full list or for more information on Soliant Health's choice of the 20 most beautiful hospitals, see the full story below:

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Ghana looks to increase medical tourism

In an interview with The Chronicle at a recent awards night, Dr. Felix Anyaa said the government of Ghana should look towards medical tourism as a way of bringing more capital into the country. Anyaa is the managing director of Holy Trinity Hospital in Accra, which was recently voted the best hospital in the country at the Ghana Club 100 awards night. He said that heart surgeries, which may cost $100,000 in the UK and other developed nations, are only $10,000 in Ghana. So if Ghana's health industry was promoted internationally, as other countries have already been doing, Anyaa contends Ghana would reap huge benefits, hopefully becoming a target destination for heart and spinal surgery. For more information on Ghana's emerging medical tourism market, see the full story below:

Monday, 10 August 2009

World's Largest Medical Tourism Conference Hosts Workshop on Marketing to Health Insurance Agents

The World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress recently announced their pre-conference workshop on Marketing to Health Insurance Agents Workshops. Those looking to expand health care coverage to overseas facilities, including employers, insurance companies, self-funded health plans and medical tourism facilitators will meet and network. Discussions will include how to successfully market medical tourism to U.S. employers. Since the first event in 2008, the World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress, also the world's largest medical tourism conference, has been called "The best Medical Tourism Conference of the year". This year's Marketing to Health Insurance Agents Workshops will be Monday, October 26 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. in Los Angeles, California. For more information on the World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress, see the full story below:

Monday, 3 August 2009

Travel insurance recommended for holiday-makers with pre-existing conditions

About 17 million Brits travel outside of the UK every year, and a quarter of them become sick enough to require a visit to a doctor while abroad. While many cases are common illnesses, like a cold, many are consequences of pre-existing conditions. Some travel insurance providers will not cover health travel insurance if the policyholder has not told the company about a pre-existing illness. Coverage for pre-existing conditions may cost more, but the Post Office argues that the coverage will pay for itself in the medical bills foregone later. For more information on the travel insurance through the UK Post Office, click the link below:

Monday, 3 August 2009

Health insurance policies expand to cover care overseas

Medical tourism facilitator Companion Global Healthcare Inc. announced on Friday a new policy to cover workers whose employer offers a global medical tourism option. The decision from Companion, based in South Carolina, comes at a time when American companies are looking more to health care abroad to save money as medical costs continue rising. President of Companion Global Healthcare David Boucher said, "This new coverage raises the comfort level of some employers that are considering a global option for their employees as a way to save dramatically on health care without sacrificing high standards for care". For more information about global options for employee health insurance, please click the link below: