Medical Tourism Statistics - Free Report

Thursday, 22 September 2011

This month we've published two detailed medical tourism reports that we originally commissioned in 2009. The reports are 56 pages each and are generated from the responses of over 8,000 survey responders in the US and UK.

These reports (previously £300) are now free to download and give in-depth insight into the Medical Tourism Industry with a particular focus on how the Global Financial Crisis has impacted the industry.

Topics covered in the reports include:
Number of existing medical tourists.
Ranking of the top medical tourism treatments/procedures.
Ranking of the top medical tourism destinations by patients that have had treatment abroad.
The motivations/reasons patients seek medical treatment overseas.
The impact of the Global Financial Crisis on patients likelihood of participating in medical tourism.
The primary sources of information on medical tourism.
Awareness levels of NHS(UK) medical tourism funding.
Methods of funding for medical tourism.
Preferred destination for medical tourism by patients that have not had treatment abroad but are considering it. Important factors for selecting a provider & destination.
Willingness to combine planned holiday with treatment.

These reports are essential reading for anyone connected with the Medical Tourism Industry. We encourage readers to link to them as a useful resource.