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Obstetrics medical care abroad can help to locate specialist centres overseas. Obstetrics encompasses the medical care of a mother and her baby during pregnancy. This includes three general levels of care: prenatal (during the months leading up to delivery); the actual labour; and postpartum care (after the baby has been born). Obstetricians oversee the care of mothers and babies for all needs, from screening for abnormalities, assistance with nutrition, gestational diabetes, pelvic pain, gestational herpes, counselling and risk reduction. They do of course also assist with the actual birth of the child, along with any complications that arise during and after labour.

Common obstetrics procedures

While sonograms, or ultrasound scans, are generally used in diagnosis and assessments in the prenatal stages, and along with the general support and guidance before and during birth, Obstetricians often also deal with complications including premature delivery, ectopic pregnancies, breech deliveries, and multiple pregnancies.

Following childbirth, obstetricians also manage the aftercare of mother and child, this postpartum care includes treating vaginal tears, bleeding, assisting with breastfeeding and blood transfusions.


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