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Paediatric treatment abroad can help patients locate specialist centres overseas. Paediatric surgery focuses on operating procedures specific to childcare, from the womb to the teenage years. Surgeons focus on proper diagnosis, which is a challenge for children who can't communicate as well, and all stages of preparing for and performing the surgery, including follow-up care. Many paediatric surgeries aim to correct conditions in newborns that could potentially harm their quality of life in later years.

Paediatric surgeons are trained in general surgery categories, but specialize in procedures for children. There are four main categories of paediatric surgery. Neonatal surgery cares for pre-term and full-term infants and corrects potentially life-threatening birth defects. Prenatal surgery uses ultrasounds to detect any fetal abnormalities. Some of the main procedures are for umbilical polyps, hernias and infections. Oncology deals with removing malignant tumours and benign growths. Lastly, trauma surgery is to provide emergency care following a major injury. With children, these injuries are usually bike or car related.

Common paediatrics procedures

Some of the more common surgeries are removing the appendix, fluid-filled or solid lumps, or foreign bodies that go down the mouth and get stuck in the small intestine. Other procedures common in paediatrics are concerned with:

  • abdominal trauma
  • burns
  • constipation
  • gastrointestinal bleeding
  • gallbladder disease
  • liver tumours
  • lymph node disorders
  • paediatric surgeons can also remove conjoined twins


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