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Peru is located in Western South America and has a population of 28.7 million people. Peru is a country that is truly diverse in its offerings, from the mountain ranges, deserts, and the jungle through to the golden-sanded beaches. Peru is also home to countless historical and archaeological sites as well as an abundance of exotic wildlife. The official languages of Peru are Spanish and Quechua, and English is usually spoken in major tourist areas.

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Best time to travel

There are heavy rains in the mountain and jungle areas between December and April, and the winter is from June through to September which brings cold nights in the mountains.

Money and costs

The national currency is the New Sol (PEN, symbol S/.). Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool.


Nationals from the USA, Canada, UK, most of the EU and Australia do not require a tourist visa for stays of up to 90 days.

Getting there

The major international airports for entry to Peru are in Lima and Cusco.

Dialling codes

To call Peru, the country dialling code is +51.

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