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Podiatric surgery abroad can help to locate specialist centres overseas. Podiatry is concerned with the treatment and care of the feet. Often podiatric (or foot) treatment is sought for both comfort and cosmetic purposes. Consultations are extra important for foot treatments, as there are so many approaches to each medical problem. The podiatrist, or foot doctor, will help decide the method that works best for you. While many cases can be fixed by surgery, there are also non-surgical options for foot problems. Most podiatric surgeries are one-day procedures requiring local anaesthesia.

Podiatric surgery varies extensively in the methods used and in the level of invasiveness. A variety of podiatric procedures can be used to remove lumps, bumps, cysts and ganglions on the feet. Such things as flat foot reconstruction can help alleviate the pain from a long-term condition, but can be much more complex than more uninvasive procedures such as removing ingrown toenails and calluses. The nerve in the ball of the foot, called a neuroma, will need to be removed if damage leaves it pinched or inflamed.

Common podiatry procedures

Some of the most common foot surgeries are to remove bunions, corns and bone spurs. Other treatments help with sprains and arthritis conditions. Toe straightening procedures are directed at claw and hammer toes. Achilles tendon problems, usually arising from sports injuries, may require the tendon to be lengthened or stripped of inflamed tissue.


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