Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment

Psychological treatment abroad can help you locate specialist centres overseas. Psychology is the science that studies the mind, mental states and processes, and encompasses human perceptions, cognition, emotion, personality, behaviour and interpersonal relationships, as well as the unconscious mind.

Psychological treatments deal with issues relating to general human activity, particularly everyday life such as family, education and employment, as well as to treat mental health problems. Psychologists attempt to understand mental functions in individual and social behaviours, while also exploring underlying issues.

Common psychological treatment procedures

There are a number of branches of psychology that offer treatment and/or assistance, as each branch studies a different human behaviour, thought and experience. These branches are abnormal psychology (behaviour disorders and disturbed individuals, e.g. violent or self-destructive); clinical psychology (diagnose and treat mental disorders and adjustment problems); comparative psychology (explores and compares behaviours of different species); developmental psychology (emotional, intellectual and social - usually working with children and adolescents); educational psychology (teaching and learning processes); and industrial psychology (concerned with the workplace and work skills).


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