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The Medical Tourism Report 2009 is the largest international study of its kind and is the first survey to include general consumers, thus encompassing both current and potential medical tourists. The overall aim of this study was not only to provide insight into the current medical tourism market, but also to evaluate the potential for market growth, and to acknowledge any impact, either negative or positive, that the Global Financial Crisis may have had on this market.

The survey itself was carried out in association with the International Medical Travel Association and was conducted online in both the USA and the UK by two independent research agencies, Global Market Insite, Inc. and 72 Point (One Poll). The resulting sample size of 8003 saw 7000 from the UK and 1003 from the USA.

Results of this survey provide meaningful data for the exploration of the medical tourism sector, and in particular; there are a number of issues that hold significance for international healthcare providers and medical tourism enthusiasts. Four such key findings are:

  • Only approximately 10% of most recent surgery abroad was cosmetic, contradicting a commonly held viewpoint that healthcare abroad is primarily for cosmetic and plastic surgery.
  • The US market predominately considers cost of treatment to be the most important motivations when deciding to go abroad for treatment. The UK market on the other hand generally goes abroad for procedures to beat NHS waiting times.
  • The most common fear with surgery abroad is the medical standards in destination countries, highlighting a need to publish more information about international accreditation and healthcare standards abroad.
  • The Global Financial Crisis has increased the likelihood one will participate in medical tourism.

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