Spa and wellness

Spa and wellness

Spa facilities and wellness clinics abroad can help locate treatment centres overseas. Spa and wellness encompasses those facilities that offer relaxing, therapeutic and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance ones general wellbeing. This of course includes medical spas, which are a retail cosmetic medical business that presents a merger of medical practice and spa therapies, and operates under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. Medical spas generally offer non-surgical cosmetic, alternative and complementary health treatments- as well as additional treatments that can only be administered by licensed medical practitioners. All this, in a spa-like setting.

Medical spas can treat facial conditions such as brown spots or broken capillaries, and often specialise in laser hair removal, botox and fillers. While often having a more clinical atmosphere than traditional day-spas, medical spas do however generally offer massage and body treatments as well.

Beyond skin and cosmetics, spas also provided treatments that can assist in de-stress, detox and help with general wellbeing. Some medical spas specialise in particular treatment areas, such as acne scar treatment, cardiovascular disease and bariatrics.

Common spa and wellness procedures

While the menu of treatments will vary from spa to spa, some of the more common treatment options include skin treatments such as facials, massage, waxing, body treatments such as body wraps and salt scrubs. The types of speciality will vary with some spas being centred around therapeutic spring water baths, or even specialising in detoxification of the system.

The more common treatment options associated with medical spas include laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) procedures such as photodynamic therapy, as well as micordermabrasion, photo-facials, chemical peels, injectables like botox, restylane and fillers, skin tightening, thermage and fraxel.


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