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Sports Injury

Sporting injury treatment abroad can help locate treatment centres overseas. Sports injuries are those sustained practicing or competing in a sport. These injuries result from acute trauma or repetitive stress that comes with athletic activity. Sports injuries can affect bones and soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, tendons). It must also be noted that common types of sports injuries can be obtained through a person's occupation (i.e. a builder).

Some common types of sports injury are:

  • contusions
  • strain
  • sprain
  • heat exhaustion
  • lacerations
  • fractures and broken bones
  • torn ligaments
  • torn tendons
  • joint dislocation
  • shin splints
  • compartment syndrome
  • runner's knee
  • tennis elbow

Common sports injury procedures

Sports injury surgery is the last resort in sports medicine but in some cases is necessary for a full recovery when facing an injury such as ACL problems (one of the four major ligaments of the knee), which require ACL reconstruction, shoulder labral tears and meniscus tears. Common procedures include meniscus tear surgery, meniscus repair surgery, lateral release surgery, ACL reconstruction, arthroscopy and hamstring or patellar tendon grafts.


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