Tunisia is North Africa's smallest country and has a population of 10.4 million people. Tunisia lies on the Mediterranean coast of Africa and is bordered by Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. The country has a roaring tourist trade with tourists outnumbering locals in the peak times. Tunisia has a rich culture with its standing as an arabic nation, but with influences from France, North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. Tunisia is the epitome of contrast with the Mediterranean allowing for ample blue-watered beaches, while the interior of Tunisa is home to rolling desert dunes, woodlands and mountains. Although a relatively small Medical Tourism provider, Tunisa is still a popular destination for many medical travellers, particularly those from the UK. The official language of Tunisia is Arabic, followed by French. English, German and Italian are spoken mainly in the tourist areas.

Medical tourism

Like many destinations, while offering specialists in a wide range of areas, the highest number of Medical Tourism providers specialise in Hair transplants, Cosmetics and Dental. This is followed by Obesity and Orthopedic. See the box to the right to view a full list of available treatment areas.

Best time to travel

The best time to travel to Tunisia is in the spring (mid-March through to mid-May) when the weather is pleasant and nature is blooming. Summer (June through to August) can be quite hot so avoid the inland desert areas at this time, but it is also perfect for a beach escape. This is the high season in Tunisia so it can be very crowded with European holidaymakers and the prices will be higher.

Money and costs

Tunisia's currency is the Tunisian dinar (TD). Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool.


Travellers from the USA, Canada, UK, and most of Europe do not need a formal tourist visa and can generally enter Tunisia for up to three months. Travellers from Australia will need to seek a tourist visa.

Getting there

The country's airports regularly service destinations all over Europe, but there are no direct flights to the Americas or Australasia. Travellers from these areas will have to change flights in a European city. There are three airports in Tunisia, with the largest being Carthage International in Tunis. Along with the nation's airline, Tunis Air, other airlines that fly to/from Tunisia are Air France, Alitalia, British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines.

Dialling codes

To call Tunisia, the country dialling code is +216.

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