United States of America (USA) is located in North America and has a population of 302 million. This country is vast and has something to offer pretty much anyone. From massive cities like New York and Los Angeles, the never-ending coastline, the Rocky Mountains, desert landscapes, huge forests and all the way to the cultural deep south. The official language of the USA is English.

Medical tourism

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Best time to travel

Any time of year is great for visiting the USA, for while many states will be quite cold during the winter (December through February) there is still warm weather to be found in the south. Cities like New York can get quite busy during the summer (June through August) and prices can rise due to this.

Money and costs

The national currency is the US Dollar (USD, symbol $). Find up-to-date exchange rates and conversion through a currency conversion tool.


Canadians and other travellers entering on the Visa Waiver Program do not need to apply for a tourist visa, however those not under the scheme must obtain a visa from the US embassy before departing. These visitors will need to apply for the B2 visa which allows visits for pleasure/medical and are issued for anywhere from three months to 10 years.

Getting there

The USA is easily accessible from most parts of the world and has countless international airports across its 50 states.

Dialling codes

To call USA, the country dialling code is +1.

Useful links

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